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Customized plastic dispensing syringe for ab adhesive

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Among the types of plastic dispensing syringe, AB dispensing syringe belongs to a special type, only using AB glue syringe, other types of glue can not be used, otherwise dispensing control effect will be particularly poor, so there will be special customized plastic dispensing syringe, AB dispensing syringe is the most classic type, specially for AB glue dispensing. And production.
双组份点胶针筒 AB dispensing needle barrel produced in China is generally made of PP and PE materials. Both materials have good methodologies and belong to hard glue material. Only by using AB glue can AB glue be used. The use of AB dispensing needle barrel conforms to manual production mode. It is generally used for products with less glue volume, using automation mode, high cost and no glue. It is very consistent with the needs of production.
AB dispensing syringe parameters:
Model: Zi - 15
Materials: PP and PE
Proportion: 2:1, 4:1, 1:1, 3:1 and so on.
AB点胶针筒 Inner diameter: A adhesive: according to the industry demand, the B glue is generally 25mm.
Use glue: white glue, epoxy resin, two component glue.
Accessories: manual dispensing gun, bayonet mixing pipe.
This is the basic parameter of AB dispensing syringe, also known as double-liquid dispensing syringe, all can use AB glue, not need to pay attention to the type of glue before use, and each type of glue has different properties and can not be used in the same way. This is why the production of double-liquid dispensing syringe is more to satisfy customers. The core of demand selection is that it can not meet the needs of production. It has absolute nature with the use of dispensing accessories.
Dongguan Zhongguo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. can customize plastic dispensing syringe according to industry requirements, while AB dispensing syringe is only one of them. There are silica dispensing syringe, hot melt dispensing syringe, double liquid dispensing syringe, Japanese dispensing syringe and American dispensing syringe, etc.
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