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Double-liquid dispensing syringe is a more common type of syringe, also belongs to a special type of dispensing syringe, can only use AB glue, other types of glue is unable to use, more stringent than the use of double-liquid dispensing valve, and glue proportion control is determined by the size of the syringe, the use requirements are relatively large, and the price ratio is low.
Two liquid dispenser type
AB点胶针筒 The application of AB glue belongs to one of the most popular applications nowadays. We have made many types of rubber drums, such as 1:1, 1:2, 1:4 and so on. We produce many types of double-liquid dispensing rubber drums according to different proportions, which can meet the production needs of the industry. Any AB glue can be used because of double-liquid dispensing rubber drums. The liquid dispensing syringe, also known as AB dispensing syringe, can use two types of glue, but can not be used in industries requiring a large amount of glue, because the dispensing syringe can not store a large amount of glue.
双液点胶针筒 Customizable glue cartridge
The dispensing syringe produced by us is made of PP material and PE material. The AB dispensing syringe can not be damaged because of the corrosiveness of the glue, so the use of the medium-sized material can guarantee the quality of the dispensing syringe, but the customization needs a lot, but according to your needs. The requirement for manufacturing, for example, the dispensing syringe that requires 10:1, has a better advantage in dispensing for dispensing.
Requirements for needle materials
Ab dispensing syringe is made of plastic material, not aluminium alloy. The material requirement is higher. There are some requirements for using AB glue without automatic mixing. For example, if the glue concentration is very high, it is not necessary to use it. It is difficult to mix. It is better to use some glue with medium or low concentration. This is our main suggestion. If there is a demand, the two liquid dispenser can be consulted on our official website.
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