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Shop Recommendation: Purchase and Model Selection of Trachea

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Tracheal connector is the bridge between the controller and the precise dispensing syringe. It is a very important accessory. The dispensing syringe and the connector need to be identical in order to prevent the leakage of the syringe. How to choose the tracheal connector? Let Xiaobian introduce you to the most important part of the selection of connectors.
气管连接器 The importance of selecting dispensing syringe
Precision dispensing syringe is manufactured according to industry demand and used for temporary storage of glue, so the type of glue determines the type of glue, to ensure the stability of glue, the selection of dispensing syringe should be cautious, and tracheal connector is the thing to do after the selection of precision dispensing syringe, meaning there are many dispensing syringes, tracheal connectors. The same is true, for example, the two-component dispensing syringe is different from the American and Japanese dispensing syringes, and the use of tracheal connectors requires two air intakes, which ensures the suitability of air pressure distribution and prevents leakage of the syringe.
Select connectors according to specifications
Of course, needle barrel can not only have one specification, because the industry used will be different, for example, some use large flow of crystal dispensing, and there are also small flow industries, so we produce two-component dispensing needle barrel specifications, such as 10cc, 20cc, 30cc, 50cc and so on, the span is too large to use the same trachea connection. Connector, so the choice is mainly based on the specifications of the syringe, and there will be no problem of leakage of the syringe, the accuracy of using crystal glue can also be controlled, especially good.
连接器 Medium system not only has tracheal connector, but also two-component dispensing syringe, precision dispensing valve, manual dispensing valve and so on. It also has some glue dispensing machine, so it can meet your needs. What kind of equipment you need to buy, just dial 13713306830, and there will be professionals to serve you.
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