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Round-mouth flat-mouth brush needle Hard-hair soft-hair disp

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In the dispensing industry, dispensing needle is a very important component. It is directly in contact with dispensing products. The quality of dispensing needle directly determines the dispensing effect of products. In many industries will be applied to circular brush needles, dispensing needles have many kinds, how do you choose?
Classification of dispensing needles:
The dispensing needles are categorized according to the material and the shape of the outlet. According to the different material, we divide it into brush needle, Teflon needle, brush needle and so on, and other categories, most of which are used in industry. According to the different shape of the needle, we will divide it into round needle and flat needle. According to the specific product requirements, we will go back to choose. Different needle shapes, we go with hard and soft hair, there are round brush needle, flat brush needle, hard hair dispensing needle, soft hair dispensing needle and so on.
Functions and advantages of brush needles:
With the rapid development of science and technology, the demand for dispensing technology is getting higher and higher. Now, in the process of manufacturing, we all need to achieve high precision. Like some semiconductor industries, we usually apply to circular brush needles. Nowadays, dispensing needles are able to produce glue precisely, avoid drawing and clean easily, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the workshop. Brush needle is not easy to drop hair, and the glue is very uniform, which improves the dispensing process of the product.
Product parameters:
Brush width: 2-10 cm
Needle glue shape: round mouth and flat mouth
Material: Hard and Soft Hair
Areas of application:
The dispensing machine is usually used in the dispensing industry. The dispensing needle and dispensing valve are also used to match the dispensing machine. The precision of dispensing has a great relationship with the dispensing needle and the control ability of the dispensing valve. The dispensing technology will be applied to LED, mobile phone circuit board, computer, keyboard and medical equipment. Then according to the specific requirements, we choose whether to use circular or flat brush needles, and finally choose soft or hard fur.
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