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300cc stainless steel large flow dispensing syringe

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All stainless steel needle barrel belongs to the product with long service life in the dispensing industry, because its manufacture is relatively simple, in the aspect of cleaning, after use, it is cleaned directly, so it is very convenient to use, or stainless steel, with good anti-corrosion effect, and the price is more convenient than the general dispensing valve. Appropriate.
不锈钢针筒 Specification of all stainless steel dispensing needle barrel
3cc, 10cc, 5cc, 30cc, 55cc, 100cc, 150cc, 200cc, 300cc and so on, other specifications need to be customized, need to have a batch to customize, we have the lowest initial batch of 20, if not customized, is a batch, if not customized, the number is small, no package mail, in fact, the most used stainless steel syringe in the industry is 300. CC.
Needle manufacturing process
All stainless steel is made of 304 material. Every process has been processed strictly. Every smoothness is very slippery, which makes the glue flow better. So this dispensing syringe can use high concentration glue, and the flow rate is good. In the design pressure test, it does not need too much pressure. In order to complete the dispensing task, in the control of glue, precision stainless steel needles can be used, greatly enhancing the dispensing accuracy.
300cc syringe
不锈钢点胶针筒 This 300 CC all stainless steel large flow dispensing syringe has another advantage, that is, it can use high temperature resistant hot melt glue. There are two kinds of hot melt glue. First, special dispensing valve for hot melt glue, second, all stainless steel dispensing syringe, but the second kind has some drawbacks. It can not be used in a large number of dispensing industries because of dispensing glue. Needle glue can not continue to increase, so need a large amount of glue or use hot melt glue dispensing valve, small amount of glue can use all stainless steel needle, not only can save costs, but also dispensing accuracy is very good control. It needs more than one hundred pieces of control to dispensing, and dispensing flexibility, high dispensing accuracy, manual dispensing is not the second choice.
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