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Recommended Batch Water Injection and Glue Injection Transpa

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When the whole dispensing equipment works, there are many kinds of accessories to be produced together, including dispensing valves, dispensing syringes, pressure barrels, dispensing needles and so on. One of the syringes introduced in this paper is a transparent screw dispensing syringe, which can be used for water injection, glue injection and other kinds of fluids and put into production.
Green screw dispensing syringe
Attribute of screw dispensing needle barrel
Material: PP polyethylene material
Matching: back cover, piston, syringe body, plug front plug
Applicable glue: red glue, grease, sealant, black glue, sealant, anaerobic glue, ink fluid glue.
Specification: 5 ml 10 ml 15 ml 30 ml 50 ml
Dispensing needle: plastic steel dispensing needle, plastic dispensing needle
Multi-specification screw-hole dispensing needle barrel
Characteristic of screw dispensing needle barrel
This dispensing syringe is suitable for many different equipments. It can be used in both automatic dispensing machine reinforcement production and manual dispensing of connection controller. According to the different properties of glue water, it can also select dispensing syringes of various colors to prevent special glue from solidifying in the syringe or from flowing dispensing. The bottom thread is used to fix plastic steel dispensing needles or plastic dispensing needles. The utility model has the function of stabilizing the needle, so the bottom end of the screw mouth is safer from the point of view of stability, so the practical range of the screw mouth dispensing syringe is more comprehensive.
Dispensing needle barrel turning interface
The glue dispensing needle barrel with screw opening needs special needle barrel adapter to be used. The back cover end covers the bottom of the needle barrel. After rotating and fastening, the glue in the dispensing needle barrel can be extruded through the air compressor to the pipe of the adapter. The glue in the dispensing needle barrel can be slowly extruded to produce dispensing.
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