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Introduction of a dispensing syringe which is the best selli

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Since the start of dispensing technology, it has been required by many products. It is mainly used to complete the work of bonding and packaging. The market value of many accessories such as industrial dispensing syringes has been driven. This time, we will recommend a best-selling and versatile syringe for glue injection storage, which is called screw dispensing syringe.
Multi-specification screw-hole dispensing needle barrel
Introduce the properties of screw-end dispensing syringe
The screw-tip dispensing needle is made of PP polyvinyl chloride, which is odorless, non-toxic, low density and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and heat resistance. It can prevent some corrosive fluids from eroding the needle surface. It can be used for dispensing fluid injection of many industrial products such as red gum, lubricating grease, sealant, black gum, sealant, anaerobic gum, ink fluid gum and so on. Different colors can be selected according to the properties of visible glue. The color screw needle barrel has poor wear resistance in many industrial dispensing needle barrels, so when used for glue injection, try to avoid the impact of wear and tear.
Green screw dispensing syringe
Used in dispensing of industrial products
This industrial dispensing syringe can be assembled with plastic needle or screw dispensing needle. The threaded structure at the bottom is to fix the needle more forcefully and prevent the contact surface from dropping gradually during long time glue injection. Therefore, it can be used for a long time to complete the task of coating and encapsulation of glue injection. The glue supply is stable and the service life is long. Operators can control the glue tube by hand. For injection, it has the advantages of portability, light weight and diversification of control. It is one of the most popular and widely used accessories in many industrial dispensing syringes.
Dispensing needle barrel turning interface
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