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10ML dispensing syringe is portable, easy to use and customi

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The dispensing syringe is a very familiar dispensing accessories for users, mainly used to store glue and use pneumatic push to extrude glue. The 10ML dispensing syringe introduced in this paper has the characteristics of simple use, portable and suitable for the diversification of glue. It can be connected to dispensing controllers manually and evenly dispensing, and also can be used by fixtures placed on automatic dispensing machine. The middle-made automatic dispensing syringe provides 10ML dispensing syringe. Support user mixed batch customization.
10ml American-style Japanese dispensing syringe
Characteristic of 10ML dispensing syringe
The dispensing syringe is made of polyethylene, which has the characteristics of light weight, non-toxicity and good hand feeling. Its structure is light and it can hold the needle more firmly for dispensing. It can use hand to hold the position points needed for dispensing. It can support most of the general glue without deterioration and affect the normal dispensing bonding. The external calibration scale can be used to inspect the amount of glue, accurate unit to ml, so 10ML point. The rubber needle barrel can be used in most desktop dispensing machines.
Customized processing of Japanese dispensing syringe
How to assemble and use?
The 10ML dispensing syringe can be installed on the controller to make a manual dispensing machine. The air source can be connected with the trachea and the controller, the air pressure parameters can be adjusted and the suction force can be adjusted. The function code can be set at the back end of the controller. Then the outlet pipe of the controller end can be connected to the top of the dispensing syringe, and the 10ML dispensing syringe can be manually controlled by pressing the start button.
Connecting 10ML dispensing needle barrel to dispensing machine only requires fixing the needle barrel on the fixture, putting glue into the barometer to connect the barometric head of dispensing machine, tightening the screw on the dispensing needle barrel, and connecting the air compressor to dispensing machine. 10ml of glue storage can be used in most of the precise dispensing work. The only disadvantage is to take out and refill glue when glue is lacking.
Multi-specification dispensing syringe
At present, the automation system provides a variety of specifications including 10ml dispensing syringe, such as 20ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, etc. which can be customized in mixed batches.
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