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Selection of Dropping Needle Barrel for Supply of Multi-spec

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Dropping syringe is a kind of carrier which stores fluid and drives glue flow through pneumatic pressure. Different kinds of glue need special selections of dripping syringe to store glue. Special syringe is mostly dripping UV glue. If you need special glue such as UV glue, the outside of this special syringe is mostly amber or brown, avoiding the curing effect when storing dripping UV glue, which is the characteristic of UV glue. The special needle barrel should also be selected because of the particularity. The special needle barrel should be used for repairing broken screen and frame dropping by mobile phone. This time, the standard needle barrel will be provided for users'reference.
Coloured PE dropping syringe
Characteristics of Dropping Needle Barrel
Material: PP Material PE Material Material (Piston) Needle Name: Dropping Rubber PP Needle
Specification: 5ML + Piston 10ML + Piston 30ML + Piston
Configuration: Plug, Needle Barrel, Piston, Back Cover
Industry applications: repairing broken screen, batch photo frame dropping glue, etc.
Description: UV glue with color can be stored
American UV glue syringe
Industry application needs
Because the characteristic of UV glue is that it solidifies when exposed to ordinary light. The amber dropping syringe is stored in order to weaken the light effect and slow down the reaction rate. The adhesive material must have a certain transmittance to drip UV glue for bonding. This special glue can be used when the mobile phone repairs the broken screen. The Amber dropping syringe stores UV glue when used, and it is driven by air pressure. Glue can be bonded out, the broken screen after repair is complete and beautiful, and the frame dropping glue can also be used in this syringe.
Not only is it necessary to drop UV glue on the photo frame when repairing the broken screen of mobile phone, but also this special syringe is needed. Most of the photo frames are made of glass and have good light transmission function. So the glass frame gluing can also be used to store and use the drop glue syringe to control the quality and effect of the UV glue.
Glass Frame Dropping Adhesive
Medium-sized dripping syringes with various specifications and specific functions can be selected by users. Call 13928403389.
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