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Introduce the application characteristics of opaque black ne

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Dropping syringe can be divided into many types according to its use and color. One kind of opaque black syringe is specially used in the storage of special glue. This kind of glue is black UV photosensitive adhesive. The syringe on black surface is mainly used for storage and dripping UV glue. It can prevent UV glue from quickly curing in the drop syringe before it is spotted, and support the photo frame used to complete the transmittance. Dropping glue and mobile phone repair screen fragmentation and other batch or high precision industry production.
Pure black dropping syringe
Why can a black syringe store UV glue?
The characteristics of UV glue are more special than other ordinary glue. It is liquid in the environment without ultraviolet light. It can be used in the bonding of transparent materials such as photo frame dropping glue and repairing broken screen. When it is irradiated by ultraviolet light in sunlight, it will quickly solidify. In addition to the opaque type of black syringe, other syringes can not be stored and used normally, resulting in a great deal of problems. Most dripping syringes can not store dripping UV glue. Black surface has the function of weakening the ultraviolet light. Semi-finished products can not be cured before dripping UV glue. At the same time, it can be used in a variety of light-curing adhesives and adhesives needing black shading. It has many specifications and good application effect.
Opaque American needle barrel
Application of Special Black Needle Barrel in Transparent Material
In order to repair the broken screen of mobile phone, we need to use black syringe to store UV glue and apply UV glue on the broken screen of mobile phone. After connecting the controller, we need to hold the syringe and align it with the broken screen of mobile phone. The liquid crystal screen of mobile phone has good transmittance, which provides the possibility for strengthening the curing effect of UV glue. At the same time, transparent photo frame dripping glue also needs to control the black syringe to bond and the photo frame to bond. After surface dropping UV glue, the curing speed is accelerated after being irradiated by ultraviolet light, and the durability of P P material without silicon chloride is longer.
Rehabilitation Phase of Mobile Phone Screen Fragmentation
The black syringe sleeve is driven by the piston to point out the UV glue, and the glue supply force is relatively stable and uniform, so it can improve the stability of repairing broken screen or photo frame dropping glue.
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