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Brief introduction to the function and characteristics of di

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The dispensing syringe adapter is a kind of fittings clamped on the top of dispensing syringe. Most users do not understand the function of the adapter. It is one of the components in the air supply process. It is one of the assistants to provide the piston extrusion glue in the dispensing syringe. Many dispensing syringes, including amber syringe special syringe, need to use this fittings. Only the dispensing syringe adapter with strong and stable sealing ability can be used. It can ensure the fluidity and supply effect of rubber cylinder. Only when the amber needle cylinder has a stable air pressure supply, can it be used to finish the links of plastering film, glass bonding, lamp sealing and so on, can it have a good application effect.
Dispensing syringe adapter
Understanding the function and effect of dispensing syringe adapter
To control the use of UV glue, special amber needle barrel is needed to control the glue production. The needle barrel adapter is connected to the top of the needle barrel for fixing and locking, and the other end is connected to the pressure supply source (air compressor) to provide the driving air pressure flow. Good sealing makes the supply of air pressure not easy to appear the phenomenon of non-uniform or abnormal glue extrusion caused by lack of air. For guaranteeing glue quantity, the air source connected with amber needle barrel assembled by dispensing machine can ensure the uniform and stable glue quantity in the process of plastering toughened film. The function of the adapter of dispensing needle barrel can not be ignored, and the uniform and stable glue output is strong. It can be used in glass bonding and lamp sealing similar to plastering toughened film.
Various dispensing syringe adapters
Problem influence of dispensing syringe adapter
There are many influencing factors in the whole dispensing process. The quantitative control of UV glue dropping on amber syringe is a criterion for judging the accuracy, and is also the key point for the production with higher precision, such as sticking steel film. When the supply pipe of the dispensing syringe adapter has the next time, the supply pressure will leak out, which will affect the driving pressure of glue, and only the treatment can be done. The air source caused by the leaky dispensing syringe adapter can be used in similar production links such as glass bonding and lamp sealing.
Reinforcement on both sides of glass
There are requirements for the quality integrity of amber needle barrel and dispensing needle barrel adapter in the batch manufacturing process of two-sided glass bonding. It is necessary to ensure the quality integrity without deviation in order to be suitable for the production line of glass bonding and strengthening.
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