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Manual toothpaste sleeve made of pure black aluminium alloy

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This paper introduces a toothpaste sleeve made of pure black aluminium alloy, which can be used to coat high concentration of silica gel or glass gel. It is a special sleeve for manual extrusion. It can also be connected to the automatic dispensing machine to finish gluing and gluing. The toothpaste sleeve can assemble glass. After gluing, it can be used in plane bonding of glass or wood.
Silicone toothpaste sleeve
Toothpaste sleeve parameters
Product Name: Silica Gel Toothpaste Sleeve Model: ZZ-300
Operation mode: manual/automatic length: 242.5mm
Repetition accuracy: +0.5% input pressure: 0.9-7 bar
Main Material: Anodized Black Aluminum Alloy Weight: 367g
Industry Application: Glass glue and silica gel for building requirements such as viscose glass
Size diagram of silica gel sleeve
Usually used in building product bonding
The glass glue commonly used in hardware stores can be added by manual toothpaste sleeve. The piston at the top can be driven by pneumatic pressure to squeeze out the glass glue. The glass glue in bottles can be packed into the toothpaste sleeve for coating by air source extrusion. The glass surface and the material surface requiring plane bonding will be wiped completely. The sealing ring in the sleeve will be wiped completely. The fixed design at the bottom is used to fix the glass-coated rubber storage cylinder so as not to affect the stability when it is applied. The abrasive material has good anti-skid effect. The connection of the trachea is convenient and easy to use. The manual mode control glue can also be controlled quantitatively by automatic equipment. The quality of glued glass on the wood board is enhanced by this fitting. Strengthen.
Toothpaste sleeve
Toothpaste sleeve can be fitted with cylindrical glue such as glass glue or silica gel. It can be used for flat surface bonding of various products after pneumatic driving. It has strong practicability in the industry and becomes an auxiliary accessory for bonding glass or formwork of building type.
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