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Black dispensing syringe specifications for storage of insta

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The type division and application glue of dispensing syringe are introduced briefly. This is a black dispensing syringe which can be used to store instant-drying glue. It is similar to amber syringe. Users can choose this syringe for storage and use if they need to apply instant-drying glue to prevent clogging. It is mainly suitable for optical fiber coating protection and mobile phone shell glue reinforcement. However, the installation of ultraviolet curing lamp tube is also essential, which is one of the important parts to promote the curing effect and quality of instant drying adhesive.
Black rubber storage syringe
Brief Introduction to the Property of Needle Barrel
Product Name: Black dispensing syringe material: environmentally friendly PP polyethylene
Output frequency: 1 (sub/sub) accessories: piston, sealing plug, plug
Driving gas source: 50 vomiting time regulation: 50 (S)
Specification: 3CC 5CC 10CC 30CC, etc.
Industry Applications: Fiber Coating, Cell Shell Coating, Glass Bonding, etc. Suitable for Transparent Material with Instant Dry Adhesive
Description: Ultraviolet curing lamp should be used in addition.
American Black Amber dispensing syringe
Exposition of Industry Application
Black dispensing needle barrel belongs to opaque PP material, which can store instant-drying adhesives cured by light. It can completely shield from the influence of storage instant-drying adhesives. Most of the photosensitive adhesives are suitable for storage and use. It is mainly suitable for some materials with transmittance for coating and gluing industries, such as optical fiber coating and fixing with good transmittance and mobile phone shell gluing industries requiring instant-drying adhesives. At present, black and amber dispensing syringes are more suitable for weakening the influence of optical fibers, so that they will not solidify before dispensing. After dispensing, they will be affected by ultraviolet curing lamp tube irradiation to promote the curing effect.
Optical Fiber Spotting Coating
The specifications of black dispensing syringes are diversified and selective. Demanded users can call middleware automation to customize in batches according to different specifications. More preferential services are convenient for users to choose.
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