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Recommendation of a Pocket Plastic Dropping Needle Barrel Mi

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The main stream of dispensing syringes in the industry market is plastic exterior materials. The medium-sized syringes have a long time of technical experience in dispensing industry. This paper recommends a pocket-sized plastic dispensing syringe. The specifications of this syringe can support customized mixing batches, etc. It can be applied to various types of liquid storage of dispensing gum, including crystal dispensing gum with mixing ratio and double-component dispensing gum. Rubber syringe assembly control, small size and wide applicability can be directly installed in automatic dispensing equipment, suitable for finishing jewelry dropping or badge dropping and other needs of fine glue amount and long life sustainable storage glue coating.
Japanese PP plastic dropping syringe
Introducing the Characteristics of Dropping Needle Barrel
This plastic dropping syringe is made of PP material. It does not contain organosilicon and chloride to ensure the safety of product dropping gum. There are no hairy edges and bubbles on the edge. The inner wall of the syringe is not inclined and thicker. The syringe has a longer life for continuous dropping gum. It can be used to store commonly used dropping gum fluids, including crystal dropping gum or mixed type crystal dropping gum. It belongs to a type of Japanese dispensing syringe. The double convex design of cap flange prevents the sleeve assembly from loosening. The safety thread design of plastic dispensing syringe 360 ensures that the tight locking adapter does not fall off. It is easy to use and install with the syringe adapter. Therefore, the stability of the long-term completion of jewelry or badge dispensing is guaranteed.
Transparent plastic dropping syringe
Continuous gum dropping in the industry has a strong effect
Plastic dropping syringe has a strong level of industry application. As mentioned above, the stability and quality of dropping syringe used in many kinds of jewelry are consistent and the effect is good. For example, the application of seashells, badges, stickers and other demand pattern dropping syringe links, the whole vertical wall without slope, can ensure the stability of dropping syringe and prevent the leakage of residual glue. The wall with super thickness can promote the prevention of needle tube rupture. Strong, take the link of badge dropping as an example, the overall size of badge dropping is small and the pattern of the demand dropping is relatively meticulous. It should ensure high consistency and precision control to meet the common standards of efficiency and quality. This plastic dropping syringe can be strengthened on automation equipment to complete the production of jewelry dropping or badge dropping, and the aerodynamic driving rubber dropping is uniform, stable and complete. The top adapter is used as a gas supply and sealing device to provide the quantity of crystal dropping glue needed for badge dropping glue. Its advantages in efficiency and quality play a more active role in industry production.
Two-component gum dropping fluid syringe
Medium system can provide a variety of plastic dripping syringes for users to choose and use, 10CC, 30CC, 55CC and other mainstream specifications of dripping syringes can be mixed batch purchase and use.
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