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Introduce a disposable dispensing syringe for medical and in

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Disposable appliances mainly come from injection syringes in the medical industry. In fact, the disposable dispensing syringe made of PP material is also suitable for the control of glue volume and the infusion of medical fluid. Because this syringe has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance and flow control, it can be used in the application of various special lacquer injection links. On the whole, this syringe is suitable for the control of glue volume and the infusion of medical fluid. Portable and disposable features are suitable for fluid injection such as rubber, paint and other simple requirements. Good function/applicability is that it can be used in multi-industry control injection and infusion applications. Because this dispensing syringe belongs to the straight-mouth type, it is also known as the straight-mouth injection syringe.
Hand-push disposable dispensing syringe
Detailed description of needle barrel
Thickened inert PP disposable dispensing syringe can withstand the application of a variety of rubber fluid paint, does not contain organic silica gel chloride, high life, belongs to a disposable straight injection syringe, support the storage of a variety of adhesives and applied to the adsorption of injection infusion, are embedded, the edge is not loose, no slope, no gas. Bubble, inner wall closely cooperates with piston to ensure the smooth discharge of liquid. It can be equipped with various types of needles for improving accuracy. It is suitable for controlling fluid infusion and paint injection, external calibration is convenient for operators to adjust the volume of rubber, etc. The built-in rubber ring is used for sealing and leak-proof to ensure the stability of long-term use. The compound control effect is uniform and the operation is simple. It can effectively prevent the leakage of rubber. The liquid such as rubber paint can be injected directly by manual extrusion driving plug.
Multi-specification disposable needle barrel
Have good compatible industry applications
Disposable dispensing syringes are in demand in many applications requiring lacquer injection or fluid infusion. Users should select specifications according to the needs of injection infusion. As a dispensing syringe, it is also suitable for medical industry. Including a variety of medical fluid infusion, disposable dispensing syringes can also be used to store injections. The needle holder should be tightened to ensure high accuracy and accuracy in fluid control injection. If the bending of the needle tube exceeds 20 degrees, it should be replaced. The inert PP material of this disposable straight-mouth injection needle can store a variety of paint injection and fluid infusion. It has good effect in controlling paint or adhesive fluid in industry.
Colored Paint Injection
At present, the application of disposable dispensing syringe in medical industry has a high degree of heat. As long as it comes from the application of medical fluid infusion and injection, the dispensing industry only needs a small part of the paint injection, most of them will choose ordinary dispensing syringe to control the storage dispensing.
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