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The use of manual glue pin

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If the operator is using glue dispensers for dispensing, we must be familiar with the principles and characteristics of each dispensing accessories, so that we can better glue dispensing in daily dispensing operations. But because there are so many kinds of glue dispensers, we only need to know the performance of the glue dispenser that we use.
Hand plastic syringe needle
Dispensers have various internal accessories, but we only need to remember the characteristics of the parts that are mainly for dispensing, for example, dispensing needles, dispensing syringes, etc. Let's get to know how to use the glue pin in the manual dispensing machine
And characteristics.
Carbon steel manual dispensing pin
When we use the manual dispensing machine to do the dispensing, we must pay attention to the properties of the glue we use, so that we can choose the corresponding dispensing syringe for dispensing. At present, the most commonly used manual dispenser is a stainless steel piston pin. This is due to the use of this kind of stainless steel, so its service life is much stronger than the ordinary metal. Of course, why this metal has such a strong versatility, or because it has super glue adaptability, it can carry most of the glue to do the dispensing operation.
Stainless steel hand glue pin
During the dispensing operation, the manual dispensing barrel is used most of the time as a storage container for glue. However, when dispensing machine is going to be dispensed, you can control the piston of the dispensing syringe, and glue the glue into the dispensing needle from the syringe according to the set value of the dispenser, and finally achieve the dispensing work of dispensing machine. But when you use a manual dispenser, you can also use an artificial way to do the glue.
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