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Standard universal pollution-free PP plastic sealant cartrid

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The existing dispensing syringe market is in the expansion stage. More and more types of syringes can be used for special industries to store dispensing. As an industry standard, the plastic sealant cartridge belongs to the general type. It is suitable for semi-automatic manual dispensing and path-setting dispensing connected to automation equipment. This environmentally friendly sealant cartridge can be used for dispensing. Storage of a variety of types of rubber coating filling, so it can be used for lightning arrester filling and soft light bar filling glue docking applications.
Environmental-friendly PP plastic sealant cartridge
Advantages of environmental protection PP dispensing sealant cartridge
Plastic sealant cylinder is constructed of environment-friendly PP material, which does not contain organosilicon and chloride contaminants, so that it can be used in filling and filling gum to ensure good safety performance and function. Precision structure makes no effect on the problem of hairy-edged bubbles. Therefore, it is suitable for the control of medium and low viscosity fluids with various properties, and the inner wall has no inclination. It is made to prevent problems such as inclined rubber leakage, and to thicken the inner wall of the cylinder to avoid being affected by the flow of rubber material for a long time. It can be used in batch applications such as lightning protector filling and soft lamp bar filling for a long time. The top cap flange double convex design is used for sleeving needle tube connector (adapter). In order to avoid the effect of falling off during use, it can be applied to control dispensing in place connected to automation equipment, and can store a variety of fluids suitable for filling glue.
PP dispensing sealing cylinder
Application Selection of Automation Equipment
Because of the portability and easy operation of plastic sealant cartridge, it has become a kind of injection filling tool chosen by many automation equipments. The automatic dispensing machine can carry this kind of sealant cartridge control position. After setting the path parameters with the control board, the machine arm will control the cartridge to fill in the sealant filling position and diversify. Specifications can support more types of selection. Batch manufacturing such as lightning arrester filling and soft light bar filling requires good stability and glue control. To ensure good and stable application effect, this PP material rubber cylinder is selected to control the glue effect for a long time, which is durable and stable. Since the PP material only supports general-purpose medium and low viscosity glue, it is necessary to operate the filling. Attention should be paid to this point in glue filling.
Standard automatic dispensing machine
Plastic sealant cylinder is an environmentally friendly storage supply accessories. Long-term supply made of non-polluting PP material will not affect the stability of filling materials and human health. It is necessary to avoid mixing with contaminated or special fluids when using this dispensing syringe.
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