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High viscosity silica gel high flow dispensing valve

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Large flow dispensing valve has large colloid, internal axis with disc, strong driving pressure, which can push the glue with high viscosity. The glue with high viscosity has poor fluidity, insufficient air pressure, so it is difficult to push the glue, and the glue output is not easy to control. Then we made this large flow dispensing valve in China, and the type of silica gel, which is a high viscosity glue, can be used.
  Picture of large flow dispensing valve

  Parameters of high flow dispensing valve

  1. Model: zz-30g
  2. Mode: suction back
  3. Glue viscosity: 1 ~ 300000 CPS
  4. Working pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.9kgf/cm
  5. Main material: stainless steel + aluminum alloy (anodized)
  6. Minimum glue output: 0.01ml
  7. Weight: 190g
  8. Usage: with automatic dispensing machine

  Functional characteristics

  1. It has a large amount of glue, which can be connected with a large dispensing needle, a nut and a fixed dispensing needle.
  2. It is equipped with a separate cylinder, which has a strong rubber pushing effect and can guarantee the rubber discharging effect.
  3. The internal air pressure is large, which can well control the glue output, so as to improve the existing gluing equipment.
  4. It is made of metal and has strong corrosion resistance. The axis is made of stainless steel.
  5. It has the function of suction back, dispensing calmly, no drawing and leakage.

  The function of using a suitable valve

  It is mainly used in high viscosity glue for coating. The viscosity is high and the flow is particularly poor. The glue valve that is not suitable for the demand, that is, the way of special valve, can ensure the effect of coating. Otherwise, when it is used in dispensing valve, it will also have the requirements of improper use, resulting in the unqualified glue output and the normal production.
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