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Wholesale of round soft wool needles

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  Brush needle is also a popular kind of needle now. It can be divided into round and flat. What's the meaning of application can also be distinguished. Flat shape is generally used for brush plane, while round shape is used for cylindrical products. Today, let's talk about the function of round soft hair needle.
  Round brush needles include hard and soft hairs. Today, they are mainly soft hairs. Let's talk about the functions and specifications of soft hairs, the wholesale prices of our manufacturers, and the key issues will be explained to your company. Our Chinese system is a wholesale manufacturer of round soft hair needles, which is also relatively powerful in Dongguan.
  In the production of products, some products need to be coated with a layer of glue, and the width of glue is also wide, far larger than the ordinary dispensing needle, while the width of the brush needle is relatively large, the coating speed is relatively high, and the coating layer is relatively simple, which is the role of the brush needle, but it is necessary to use glue with relatively low viscosity, which is not very different from 502 glue, if too much, it can not be used This is the requirement for glue.
  There are many sizes of round soft hair needles, ranging from 1.3 to 11mm. Therefore, in order to achieve better coating effect, we can choose the appropriate specifications according to the existing coating requirements, which is why we need to choose the round soft hair needles. We need to paint more than ten times with the needles and brush the needles once.
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