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Customized stainless steel multi tube needle

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Stainless steel multi tube needle is a special type of needle, which has two rubber outlets, generally a single rubber outlet and more than two. It can improve the dispensing speed, but it has relatively large requirements for the use of products, which can only be used for specific purposes. Some products need two threads to use non multi tube needles. Generally, multi tube needles are customized 。
   is necessary to find out the manufacturer for needle customization, but the supplier does not have the strength to do so. The manufacturer needs to draw out the required drawings, dimensions and specifications, so as to be able to customize for you. For stainless steel multi tube needle customization, it needs to ensure the accuracy requirements, and the appropriate size of glue coating specification. Only the multi tube needle customized for this product can be used according to the industry Other industries, unless properly tested.

  Reason for manufacturer's customized needle

  There is a large amount of customization needs for needles, which is too small. The manufacturer will definitely not do it. Generally, when the initial quantity reaches 100000, the manufacturer will help you to do it. If the quantity is not reached, the manufacturer will not do it. If it is stainless steel multi tube needle customization, it will reach 50000 or so. After all, the customization cost is too high, and the manufacturer will not do it, because our existing multi tube needle customization is like this The rules, so our existing operation is the same operation, if you really need stainless steel multi needle, you can consult us! Maybe we can do it!
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