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Double liquid dispensing valve is applicable to bayonet stat

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The double liquid dispensing valve is a dispensing valve that can mix two types of glue. There is also an indispensable accessory, that is, the static mixing pipe. Because the double liquid dispensing valve cannot mix the glue completely, it needs the help of the mixing pipe. There are two types of static mixing pipe, the bell mouth mixing pipe and the bayonet mixing pipe. The biggest difference between the two is the price difference.
  The mixing pipe must be used for glue mixing, otherwise, the uneven mixing will directly lead to glue defects, which will cause some glue positions not to solidify and hide production safety hazards. The function of matching with the round mouth mixing pipe is very large. Adjust the glue filling accuracy, send the glue to the designated glue filling position accurately, and make the dispensing more flexible. This is the application of static mixing pipe.

  Static mixing tube table

  The static mixing pipe can be divided into round and square ones. The circular mixing effect is relatively "mild" and square mixing is "violent". If the glue concentration of double liquid dispensing valve is high, the square mixing pipe can be used, and vice versa. The mixing pipe should also be used carefully. The static mixing pipe is widely used for glue mixing, and the viscosity of glue will be improved after mixing. In fact, it depends on the catalyst, Some of them are similar to water properties, and the mixing viscosity is not high, so the application effect of mixing pipe is more.
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