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Where are the PP dispensing needles for dispensing

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PP dispensing needles are sold by Chinese manufacturers of automatic equipment, with conventional specifications and customized specifications. There are 14-25g conventional needles, which can be customized larger or smaller. According to the requirements of individual manufacturers, develop a most suitable product for manufacturers to produce. For manufacturers with better dispensing effect, where PP dispensing needles are sold, look for Dongguan Zhongzhi automation.
PP dispensing needle
  Parameters of PP dispensing needle:

  Description of PP dispensing needle:

  PP dispensing needle, also known as flexible dispensing needle, is made of PP plastic. The hardness of the needle tube is very low. When it touches the product, it will bend and then reset to avoid scratching the product, which will affect the appearance of the product. This is a common way of flexible dispensing needle. For example, when using yellow glue for dispensing, it will rise after the mechanical shaft is filled with glue, and the moving way is to move left up or right up It will touch the product, which can be avoided by using PP dispensing needle.
PP dispensing needle
  The characteristics of flexible dispensing needles are mainly non scratch products, and other functions are relatively low. PP dispensing needles have not been one of the reasons for popular needles. They are all made of plastic, with high engineering difficulty and high cost consumption, which is not conducive to production. They can be replaced by other needles. If there is only a suitable position, it cannot be. It is consistent with the production characteristics described above
  Yellow glue dispensing can be used with very large dispensing needles. Stainless steel dispensing needles, plastic steel needles and plastic needles have lower costs, but they will lead to product scrap and direct cost loss, which is not conducive to the manufacturer's production. Therefore, matching a suitable PP dispensing needle is the most basic step for using dispensing equipment.
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