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Anaerobic dispensing valve suitable for use

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Anaerobic glue is familiar with the characteristics of quick drying glue and screw glue. There are special requirements for dispensing accessories. The conventional 3131 dispensing valve is used, which is difficult to meet the manufacturer's demand for dispensing. It has something to do with the nature of glue. Anaerobic glue is difficult to clean, and it is easy to solidify when it is not exposed to air. The same 3131 dispensing valve is used for dispensing. One pivot dispensing valve can only be used for one day, and the production cost is too high , which is not a good dispensing scheme. Diaphragm dispensing valve is required for anaerobic dispensing.
Anaerobic dispensing

  Manufacturing materials, affecting the application of dispensing valve

  The diaphragm dispensing valve is the same as the 3131 dispensing valve. The cylinder and the rubber cylinder are combined. The difference is that the rubber cylinder material is not traditional stainless steel or aluminum alloy, but Teflon material, and the seal used for internal sealing and conveying glue is not the sealing ring. Moreover, the diaphragm installation has the effect of anti solidification for glue, only for anaerobic glue, quick drying glue and other types of glue, The service life of diaphragm dispensing valve depends on the quality of diaphragm device.

  Service life of diaphragm dispensing valve

  Generally, the service life of diaphragm dispensing valve is 100000 times, and the diaphragm device with good quality can be used for one million times. For a dispensing valve, the service life is very long, and the quality difference lies in the price. For an ordinary valve, the price is 550 yuan, and the reinforced version is 830 yuan. The cost is different, and the service life is also very different, all of which are tested results.
  The dispensing valve needs to consider dispensing accuracy, glue type, viscosity and production effect. All types of glue can use one dispensing valve, and there is no need to produce 3131 dispensing valve, diaphragm dispensing valve and silica gel dispenser. At present, there are more than 50 dispensing valves, including common ones and special quick ones. Anaerobic dispensing is a special diaphragm dispensing valve. Now understand what type of dispensing valve is used for anaerobic dispensing.
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