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Dispensing controller of dispensing machine

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The dispenser controller has dispensing valve and Japanese dispensing syringe, which are different. Some manufacturers don't understand this aspect and often make mistakes. The dispenser controller used by Japanese dispensing syringe and dispensing valve is different. When the air outlet is single or double, the dispensing valve uses double, while the dispensing syringe uses single.
Dispenser controller
The dispenser controller is divided into single hole dispenser controller and double hole dispenser controller. The single controller has the effect of suction and dispensing, which can suck back the glue and achieve the effect of glue leakage. The dispenser controller configured for the Japanese dispensing syringe is single, and the working principle of the double holes is different from the use of the dispensing syringe. The single hole has met the production demand. Remember: the single hole matches the Japanese dispensing The needle cylinder and dispensing valve are matched with double air holes, so there is no mistake.
Dispenser controller
  In the dispensing industry, the main function of using the dispenser controller is to provide air pressure and control air pressure. The dispenser uses air pressure to determine how much glue is delivered and how much glue is delivered. It is a very important accessory in the industry. Every dispenser will be equipped basically, unless the piezoelectric dispenser valve is used. However, the dispenser controller it uses is complex and not of air pressure type Controller also belongs to one of the controllers. Different accessories and different types of controllers are all targeted use methods to avoid too many types and do not know how to match, which is not conducive to the production of existing machines.
Dispenser controller
  The Japanese dispensing syringe is equipped with a single hole dispensing controller, which replaces the glue into the dispensing syringe, connects the adapter, then connects to the controller, adjusts the glue output, and connects to the foot pedal controller to achieve better gluing effect, so as to avoid that the glue can not meet the specific requirements, which is very passive.
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