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Wholesale of Japanese dispensing syringes

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The Japanese dispensing syringe adopts the wear-resistant type syringe made of PP material. The bottom of the syringe is closed in the form of circular arc at the bottom, which has the effect of glue polymerization. Some high viscosity glue can be quickly aggregated together, which is convenient for dispensing. This is the special Japanese dispensing syringe. In addition, the interior of the Japanese dispensing syringe is smooth, which is convenient for glue flow, which has a great effect on dispensing.
Japanese dispensing syringe
  As a dispensing machine manufacturer, Sinochem also produces various types of dispensing syringes to meet a large number of customers' needs. At present, there are eight types of Japanese dispensing syringes, namely 5cc, 10cc, 30cc, 55CC, 100cc, 200cc, 300cc and 500cc. In fact, it also produces the dispenser controller used together with the dispensing syringe. The combination of them is semi-automatic Dispensing machine, our company is a manufacturer from accessories to machines, there are a large number of spot supply.
  Japanese dispensing cartridge type
Japanese dispensing syringe
  In addition to the production of Japanese dispensing syringes, our company also has other types of syringes, including hot melt syringes, UV dispensing syringes, American dispensing syringes and so on. All types of syringes are included, as well as dispensing valves, standard 3131 dispensing valves, screw valves and so on. These are all the equipment that our manufacturers can produce, and there are also spot products!
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