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Small flow 50ml double liquid dispensing syringe

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If you need 50ml double liquid dispensing syringe and need to be wholesale, you can find our manufacturer. We specialize in dispensing accessories wholesale, including dispensing valve, dispensing syringe, dispensing needle and pressure barrel. We do all these dispensing machine accessories and find the manufacturer to get them. You can get the low price. Welcome to consult!
Double liquid dispensing syringe
  The models and specifications of double liquid dispensing syringes are fixed. There are only four types, i.e. 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1. At present, there are only four common types, none of which can solve the problem of glue mixing, especially the 10:1 glue mixing ratio. At present, apart from the use of screw valves, there is basically no way to achieve the 10:1 glue mixing requirements of the glue filling machine, and there is also a price Very high, using double liquid dispensing syringe, the cost is relatively low, the cost can also be controlled.
  Our company produces double liquid dispensing syringe and 50ml pneumatic glue gun equipped with the syringe. To facilitate the dispensing task, both of them are produced. If you have demand, we can sell them to you at a low price. The manufacturer sells them at a low price. There is no middleman to earn the difference. The price is still very advantageous compared with the market.
  The piston and plug of the double liquid dispensing syringe are still produced by our company. They are sold in a complete set. We don't need to buy accessories everywhere. The unified purchase price is cheaper. The combination of the double liquid dispensing syringe is more complicated. The dispensing piston needs to be sealed. Otherwise, there will be air inside the dispensing syringe, which will directly affect the glue quality. Of course, you can rest assured that the equipment produced by our company has 3S Guarantee.
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