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Production and dispensing manufacturers selling plastic stee

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Plastic steel dispensing needles belong to one of the conventional needles, and there are many manufacturers that make and sell them. Dongguan Zhongzhi dispensing equipment factory of our company is also one of them. The annual production of needles reaches 30 million. Due to the large production of our company, the cost of purchased materials is low, and the selling price is lower than that of other manufacturers. Welcome to consult our company.
  The plastic dispensing needle consists of plastic and steel materials. The needle tube is made of steel, the bayonet is made of plastic, and the plastic seat is better made. The steel used for making the needle tube is also more convenient. The combination of the two makes the production simpler, the price cost less, and the selling price very low. If you have enough, our company can offer a very low selling price!
  Model of plastic steel dispensing needle
  Parameter table of plastic steel dispensing needle
  Application of plastic steel dispensing needle
  1. Applicable glue types are very many: silica gel, yellow glue, lubricating oil, black glue, paint, etc.
  2. Some high-precision industries can be selected: electronics, mobile phones, toys, medical treatment, solar energy, etc.
  3. The glue is stable, the precision can be predicted, the needle can be replaced conveniently, and it is directly sleeved on the dispensing valve.
  4. The use requirements of needles are very low, and there is not too much requirement.
  Our company has a complete range of plastic steel dispensing needles. In addition to specifications, there are other conventional dispensing needles: all plastic, stainless steel and Teflon. Our company has produced them, and the price is very beautiful! However, we need quantity to have a low price. The price we sell is basically for the manufacturers with large quantity. If the quantity we need is not very large, we can shoot it in 阿里巴巴!
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