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Ounce sleeve

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The sleeves are used to install the branch glue, because there is no way to transport the branch glue with the pressure barrel generally, and extrusion will affect the operation effect. In order to meet the core demand of the market, I searched and developed oz sleeves, silica gel sleeves and toothpaste sleeves. The three sleeves can meet most of the storage requirements of the branch glue and facilitate the use of the dispensing machine.
  usage method
  Directly install the mounting glue on the oz sleeve, cover the cover, pay attention to sealing to avoid internal air pressure leakage, then install the adapter at the glue outlet of the mounting glue, then install the needle, connect the air pipe from the controller and connect it to the oz sleeve air hole, then the dispensing can be carried out.
  The operation is very simple. There is a sealing ring in the oz sleeve, which can ensure that the air pressure will not leak, and it can be used for a second time. The service life is very long. It only needs a little cleaning, which can be solved, and it will not be used for a second time

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