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American Pneumatic dispensing syringe

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Dispensing needles used in dispensing machines are very important accessories, and a superior dispensing syringe can assist dispensing needles for dispensing. American Pneumatic dispensing needle cylinder is a very good dispensing needle, so we should carefully understand the characteristics of this dispensing syringe.
Pneumatic dispensing syringe
The outer HDPP of the cartridge is used as a material to support the entire dispensing syringe. This material not only has a strong compressive capacity, can be used in the general situation of ultra high pressure dispensing, and will not occur the phenomenon of rubber rupture. And it has a strong anti environmental capacity. It is no use release reagent in manufacturing, because the reagent manufacturing needle, sometimes straight between the pollution to the needle tube glue, glue the performance greatly decreased, the viscosity most important will be straight down, this is not conducive to the flow of the glue dispensing machine to control, reduce the quality of dispensing. So it has some control over the dispensing quality.
Stainless steel dispensing syringe
American needles have many special structure design, for example: the inner part of the needle cylinder is used without design tilt, the needle tube can be directly glue glue, it can not only let the glue in glue dispensing and set consistent, can reduce the residual liquid dispensing needle tube, the the rubber speed is relatively stable. It has the structure design of double screw teeth, so that the front end of the dispensing syringe can be tightly linked with the dispensing needle.
Precision dispensing needle barrel
However, the most important factor of American Pneumatic dispensing syringe is its aerodynamic force. It is because of pneumatic use of this part, so it has a strong power to squeeze the glue, making it use the dispensing machine speed faster than the general manual dispensing.


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