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Disposable plastic dispensing syringe

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If the dispensing task now is dispensing operation small, so there is no need for dispensing too high performance for dispensing, dispensing syringe in the choice also can choose some cheaper to use, which not only saves the purchase cost, but also reduce the use cost, so as to improve the production of dispensing profit. So what kind of dispensing syringe do we use?
Plastic dispensing syringe
This kind of small scale dispensing operation usually uses the dispensing machine and sometimes does not even need automatic dispensing to complete, manual dispensing is enough to complete this dispensing task, and its dispensing accuracy will not be too high. So in this dispensing task, as long as the use of traditional dispensing machine, that is semi-automatic dispensing machine can be solved. So, since you know the glue you're going to use, how do you choose a dispensing syringe?
Stainless steel dispensing syringe
Because of the small scale dispensing, the use of semi-automatic dispensing machine, so we can try to use a one-time plastic dispensing syringe for dispensing. This is because the disposable plastic dispensing needle cylinder is mostly plastic production, so its price and cost, certainly more than the general use of metal dispensing needle cylinder cheaper, and even the price will be less than ten times.
Stainless steel dispensing syringe
Of course you may worry about the performance of the dispensing dispensing syringe will not be too bad, in fact, the needle still has very strong glue dispensing control and efficiency, at least in line with the general requirements of ordinary dispensing, but this dispensing syringe can be used only once, so it's recycling and processing is a very troublesome the problem. One of the drawbacks of this dispensing cartridge is its low ability to prevent outside interference, which makes it impossible to dispense it with dispensing in precision dispensing.
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