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Stainless steel piston dispensing syringe

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After selecting a suitable dispenser, it is necessary to equip with a suitable dispensing syringe. This is because this component can be used in the final dispensing of the dispenser, which will directly affect the dispensing precision of the dispenser, so we must be careful when choosing.
Stainless steel dispensing syringe
If you want to use in precision dispensing machine, the impact of accessories on the dispensing density, the nature of this should be placed in the first place, this dispensing needle at least not to the dispensing machine dispensing precision too much impact on the line. Therefore, the stainless steel piston dispensing needle cylinder has become the best choice. So what are the advantages of this dispensing syringe?
Piston dispensing syringe
When it comes to the advantages of stainless steel piston dispensing needle, its stainless steel piston, of course, is the most special. This piston has very strong durability, so that the service life of the stainless steel piston dispensing needle cylinder is much stronger than the ordinary dispensing syringe. And make the pistons of this material carry more glue. Not only that, it can also improve dispensing efficiency and dispensing quality, but also increase the glue flow rate, and even realize the non dispensing dispensing mode. Not only has high efficiency, high precision dispensing effect, but also can avoid some dispensing bad phenomenon, such as: dispensing needle clogging, dispensing phenomenon. All these problems can be solved effectively.
American dispensing needle cylinder
Of course, the piston dispensing needle cylinder in use must also cooperate with the excellent performance of dispensing needle to play its strongest characteristics, because the dispensing accessories relations are closely related, only with each other in order to achieve the best dispensing quality.

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