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Those often used in the glue dispenser

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The dispensing barrel is an important part in the dispensing equipment. With the rapid increase in the variety of the glue dispensing equipment, in order to meet the needs of the dispensing market, the variety of the syringes has been increasing. But each type of pin is produced for different types of glue dispensing equipment. For example: UV can be used for dispensing UV glue dispensing, but UV is a kind of special glue dispensing needle requires the use of amber for dispensing operation, and the same kind of dispensing machine can also use different dispensing syringe, then this I take manual dispensing machine as an example, to analyze the commonly used dispensing needle what are the cylinder.
Carbon steel needles
There are many dispensing syringes for manual dispensing machine, but there are only several commonly used dispensing syringes, such as stainless steel piston and American Pneumatic dispensing syringe. The stainless steel needle dispensing stainless steel is used for dispensing piston material, while the external use is made of plastic, which makes it have a strong life, than the stainless steel plastic products, the strength is much higher, so that the pressure generated by the stainless steel needle becomes very strong. Moreover, because the stainless steel materials can carry most of the glue, the syringes have become one of the most commonly used needles in the hand dispenser.
Stainless steel syringe needle
However, the needles made of stainless steel in a manual dispensing machine are not the only generic type of needles. An American Pneumatic pin barrel is also such a universal needle. Its external main material is made up of inert HDPP plastic. This material has strong compressive resistance and avoid tearing in some jobs requiring high pressure dispensing. And it also has super strong anti environmental ability. Therefore, this kind of glue pin can be used in a lot of bad environment, it is a kind of more safe and reliable spot glue fittings.
Plastic syringe needle
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