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EFD syringe needle

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At present, there are more and more kinds of EFD syringes used in China, and in view of the characteristics of some glue, there are various colors to prevent the glue from light reaction. With the suitable needle cylinder adapter, the high precision sealing glue can be realized. The special EFD pin barrel is suitable for the dispensing operation of the UV glue dispenser. The particularity of the pin barrel is reflected in its shielding of UV light. It is usually used with oblique needles because the oblique needles have the function of shielding the ultraviolet light. There is also a black anti UV dot glue pin, which is usually used for light curing glue. Unlike the amber dot glue pin, the black anti - UV dot glue pin has the anti - ultraviolet function. It is possible to prevent the glue from being hardened after light.
The general manufacturer has given the temperature curve for the curing of the glue used in the EFD pin barrel. A high temperature should be used to solidify as much as possible so that the glue will have enough strength after curing. Glue needle barrel: also can call the glue needle cylinder, the needle tube, the American style needle tube and so on, is used in the pneumatic glue dispenser to store the glue container. The syringe is made from a proprietary polymer that provides high transparency and chemical compatibility.
The internal unique geometry strengthens the liquid flow in filling and dispensing and minimizes the turbulence. Different glue dispensers, however, use different glue pins, and some of the syringes have a certain stop. The calibration of the distance between the pin and the working face should be done before the start of each work, that is, the height of the Z axis.
Friendly reminder: we hope you will first explain the products and requirements of your company before ordering, so that the customer service staff can choose the right dispensing syringe for you. Nowadays, China made a large supply of EFD dispensing syringe and transparent dispensing syringe, which is much better. Here we usually call an American syringe, also called EFD dispensing syringe. If you want to buy the product, please contact our person in charge for online or telephone exchange. The price can be negotiated according to the customer's specific purchase quantity. We are willing to exchange our long-term cooperation with you at a low price. The EFD syringe needle of the Chinese company is full and full of varieties. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiation!
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