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Manual glue pin

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Manual dispensing is used to use a glue, before automatic dispensing machine did not appear, most users achieve demand through manual dispensing, including manual dispensing needle is indispensable for the use of manual dispensing syringe, simple operation and convenient use, can be used for a variety of work, such as glue, packaging etc. can be performed through the manual dispensing syringe.
The manual dispensing syringe can be used for many kinds of glue dispensing, UV can also be used for adhesive dispensing, dispensing needles can only buy amber normal use, needle external calibration convenient adjustment of the accurate amount of glue dispensing and manual dispensing syringe can be equipped with multiple needles, such as stainless steel, plastic needle the glue outlet, the effect of manual dispensing needle cylinder and the operator's operation is inseparable, if the operator can not accurately control the manual dispensing syringe may not reach the effect of demand.
Ordinary manual dispensing syringe piston dispensing glue can be used, and manual dispensing syringe can be connected with the controller to achieve accurate dispensing efficiency and quality requirements, the manual controller is connected with high performance can be achieved without manual operation of the uniform and efficient, effectively prevent the common problems in the work of dispensing glue, such as uneven, glue, glue drawing problems such as insufficient.
The emergence of dispensing controller strengthened manual dispensing syringe use, manual dispensing are generally used in small production work or rework links, the glue at a frequency of 60 times / sec or manual dispensing syringe, can meet the needs of most dispensing, is widely used in filling, irregular path with high accuracy work package.
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