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  • Introduce a disposable dispensing syringe for medical and in

    field.writer/ :2019-07-03 Clicks:165

    Disposable appliances mainly come from injection syringes in the medical industry. In fact, the disposable dispensing syringe made of PP material is also suitable for the control of glue volume and the infusion of medical fluid. Because this syringe has t...

  • Recommendation of a Pocket Plastic Dropping Needle Barrel Mi

    field.writer/ :2019-06-25 Clicks:298

    The main stream of dispensing syringes in the industry market is plastic exterior materials. The medium-sized syringes have a long time of technical experience in dispensing industry. This paper recommends a pocket-sized plastic dispensing syringe. The sp...

  • Black dispensing syringe specifications for storage of insta

    field.writer/ :2019-05-16 Clicks:305

    The type division and application glue of dispensing syringe are introduced briefly. This is a black dispensing syringe which can be used to store instant-drying glue. It is similar to amber syringe. Users can choose this syringe for storage and use if th...

  • Brief introduction of portable disposable dispensing syringe

    field.writer/ :2019-04-24 Clicks:231

    Disposable dispensing syringe is a simple accessory for dispensing glue with single drive. The glue can be dispensed by hand extrusion only when stored in the syringe. The particularity of the bottom structure enables the needle sleeve to provide a more p...

  • Manual toothpaste sleeve made of pure black aluminium alloy

    field.writer/ :2019-04-16 Clicks:226

    This paper introduces a toothpaste sleeve made of pure black aluminium alloy, which can be used to coat high concentration of silica gel or glass gel. It is a special sleeve for manual extrusion. It can also be connected to the automatic dispensing machin...

  • Brief introduction to the function and characteristics of di

    field.writer/ :2019-04-03 Clicks:248

    The dispensing syringe adapter is a kind of fittings clamped on the top of dispensing syringe. Most users do not understand the function of the adapter. It is one of the components in the air supply process. It is one of the assistants to provide the pist...

  • Introduce the application characteristics of opaque black ne

    field.writer/ :2019-03-16 Clicks:208

    Dropping syringe can be divided into many types according to its use and color. One kind of opaque black syringe is specially used in the storage of special glue. This kind of glue is black UV photosensitive adhesive. The syringe on black surface is mainl...

  • Selection of Dropping Needle Barrel for Supply of Multi-spec

    field.writer/ :2019-03-11 Clicks:181

    Dropping syringe is a kind of carrier which stores fluid and drives glue flow through pneumatic pressure. Different kinds of glue need special selections of dripping syringe to store glue. Special syringe is mostly dripping UV glue. If you need special gl...

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