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  • Customized plastic dispensing syringe for ab adhesive

    field.writer/ :2018-11-13 Clicks:296

    Among the types of plastic dispensing syringe, AB dispensing syringe belongs to a special type, only using AB glue syringe, other types of glue can not be used, otherwise dispensing control effect will be particularly poor, so there will be special custom...

  • The hand push dispensing syringe for new products of Zhongch

    field.writer/ :2018-11-08 Clicks:269

    Manual dispensing syringe is a kind of common rubber valve and a special rubber valve. It is different from manual dispensing syringe in the past. It is a real manual use. It does not need any dispensing accessories. Manual operation alone will limit the ...

  • Bulk sale of imported Japanese dispensing syringe

    field.writer/ :2018-10-22 Clicks:214

    Japanese dispensing needle barrels can be purchased on the Chinese website and 阿里巴巴, all kinds of Japanese dispensing needle barrels are sold, if they do not meet the requirements of manufacturers, then we can customize according to their requirements,...

  • The use of glass glue dispensing requires the use of manual

    field.writer/ :2018-10-12 Clicks:283

    Glass adhesives are widely used in furniture decoration links, in the process of decoration will be used to complete the production of glass adhesives needle barrel, in the decoration process is generally fixed on the wall, then the use of glass adhesives...

  • Round metal needles are more suitable for use with strong co

    field.writer/ :2018-10-09 Clicks:220

    The circular metal needle belongs to the stainless steel dispensing needle. Compared with other types of dispensing needle, the circular metal needle is more suitable for dispensing the corrosive glue. The stainless steel dispensing needle has good corros...

  • Two component dispensing cylinder suitable for AB glue and m

    field.writer/ :2018-10-07 Clicks:288

    The two-component dispensing needle barrel is composed of two needle barrels. The middle part of the two barrels is isolated. The purpose is to store glue conveniently, prevent the contact between A and B glue, avoid the solidification problem of AB or mi...

  • Plastic preservative sealing cartridge made of special mater

    field.writer/ :2018-09-28 Clicks:273

    Plastic anti-corrosion sealing rubber cylinder is mainly made of plastics, but some special materials with anti-corrosion effect are added in the production process, which can be used for dispensing the glue with corrosion effect. The glue range of the gl...

  • Do you know of a manufacturer that sells anti UV syringes? W

    field.writer/ :2018-09-27 Clicks:251

    UV glue is encountering ultraviolet light will quickly produce curing phenomenon, and anti-ultraviolet syringe can prevent the glue and ultraviolet ray contact, prevent in the process of dispensing this glue, glue curing phenomenon caused by dispensing sy...

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