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  • Black rubber outlet can prevent photosensitive adhesive from

    field.writer/ :2018-08-31 Clicks:257

    Black dispensing syringe is a type of American dispensing syringe, different color of the syringe will have different places to use, although all belong to American dispensing syringe, but the use of which type of glue is determined by the quality of glue...

  • Manual glue pin

    field.writer/ :2018-01-20 Clicks:266

    Manual dispensing is used to use a glue, before automatic dispensing machine did not appear, most users achieve demand through manual dispensing, including manual dispensing needle is indispensable for the use of manual dispensing syringe,...

  • 55CC American glue pin

    field.writer/ :2018-01-19 Clicks:224

    The dispensing needle is a container used in storage of the glue, there is a need to promote the flow of glue dispensing, dispensing technology and development needs of the parts quality is closely related to the American dispensing syringe...

  • EFD syringe needle

    field.writer/ :2018-01-19 Clicks:158

    At present, there are more and more kinds of EFD syringes used in China, and in view of the characteristics of some glue, there are various colors to prevent the glue from light reaction. With the suitable needle cylinder adapter, the high...

  • The use of manual glue pin

    field.writer/ :2017-12-18 Clicks:203

    If the operator is using glue dispensers for dispensing, we must be familiar with the principles and characteristics of each dispensing accessories, so that we can better glue dispensing in daily dispensing operations. But because there are...

  • Stainless steel piston dispensing syringe

    field.writer/ :2017-12-12 Clicks:337

    After selecting a suitable dispenser, it is necessary to equip with a suitable dispensing syringe. This is because this component can be used in the final dispensing of the dispenser, which will directly affect the dispensing precision of t...

  • UV high pressure dispensing syringe

    field.writer/ :2017-12-12 Clicks:180

    When we want to use UV glue for dispensing operation, the need to use professional dispensing machine strong it, then this dispenser inside parts should also be different from the common dispenser, therefore also need needle dispensing must...

  • There are common problems in high precision syringes

    field.writer/ :2017-12-11 Clicks:223

    When we use the high-precision dispensing machine for dispensing, sometimes we fail because of the failure of accessories in dispensing machine, resulting in the decrease of dot density and even the failure of dispensing. If we want to chec...

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