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All plastic needles

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Plastic dispensing needle is a widely used parts, work simple process lead to price is relatively cheap, cheap product application amount is very large, the annual need large plastic needle in rubber industry, but the plastic needle is also divided into many kinds of different products, each kind of different products and application effects of some different for example, dispensing needles, disposable plastic mixed needles, American and Japanese dispensing needle dispensing needle.
Disposable needles in the industry application of a most dispensing needle, there is a certain relationship with the glue dispensing machine, such as: quick drying glue with rapid solidification effect, the use of disposable plastic needles can be replaced at any time, blocked will not cause much damage to the enterprise, reasonable use of dispensing needles, can play a lot of role.
Mixed plastic dispensing needle is a kind of special for double liquid glue, the curved spiral blade is arranged in a dispensing needle, can make double liquid glue according to the mix, which is conducive to the effect of dispensing, mixing plastic dispensing needle, is also divided into dynamic and static, dynamic MR allows for rapid leaf tube rotation, and this tube is easy to clean and use double dispenser can choose this tube is very cost-effective.
All plastic dispensing needle has many functions, but the precision may not be compared, but other dispensing technology, and dispensing equipment did not differ, if you use the above two ways of dispensing, dispensing needle on the choice of the two, or will increase the cost of a lot of dispensing.
The type of needles is also very much, mainly based on the effect of glue needles, which is the right choice.

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