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The dispensing technology has become an important manufacturing industry production technology, the more accurate the dispenser is higher precision and wider application, dispensing needles as an important parts of glue dispensing equipment precision has certain influence, the more fine the glue dispensing needle can meet the accuracy is higher, more comprehensive the production work, including dispensing needle bending needle in the dispensing work plays an important role, can help users to perform special dispensing work.
The biggest feature is the bottom end of the needle dispensing needle bending is curved, no rules applicable to special products for the filling, special steel pipe bending process for turning glue is never blocked effect of glue coherence in the flow process, according to the actual work needs dispensing needle needle bending and various angles, a curved needle 30 degrees 45 degrees 60 degrees 90 degrees, the manufacture of stainless steel so that it can perform long-term stable and efficient dispensing work, and to eliminate the adverse factors of drawing such as glue dispensing quality, users of the product quality has been further improved.
The top of the screw mouth is used for fixing the dispensing needle design, so that it can be fixed on the bottom end of the execution of dispensing dispensing valve, the effect is stable and efficient, applicable to all kinds of irregular structure are filled with glue, glue dispensing needle bending needle accurately, meet the more comprehensive industry production, bending the gauge of the needle in the range of 14G-30G, the higher the number the smaller external diameter of glue more fine, the user should select the actual specifications according to the production situation.
The dispensing needle bending needle supports various dispensing valves and dispensing needles, which can further meet the needs of dispensing, and achieve the quality and efficiency of users' needs.
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