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Stainless steel dot glue multi tube needle

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Stainless steel tube dispensing needles is a special product, dispensing needles with the previous production is not the same, because the needle is a needle, but the dispensing needle can have several tubes, so the needle is special, also will have more requirements, not the same as with the previous needles that requires the use of some industries will be more.
Stainless steel needles is currently the most used a dispenser dispensing accessories, superb production process, can make better use of dispensing technology to play, the industry gradually improved, but multiple dispensing needle use conditions are relatively high, the industry is still very small, and this is to improve the efficiency of dispensing needles. Someone once a glue, but multiple needles can point several times on a speed.
This is the effect of using the appropriate needles. The requirements of using the stainless steel dot glue multi tube needles are generally used for point to point and line alignment. It can be used for two dispensing modes. The distance between dispensing can not be separated too much. Otherwise, it can not use multi tube dispensing needles, the conditions are limited, so that the application industry of glue dispensing is too little, which leads to stainless steel dispensing needles, and few people will know this dispensing accessories.
At present, the use of stainless steel needle dispensing multiple industries is not much, if the right industry can make to the dispensing needle, can be made in the official website or the 阿里巴巴 can be automated for detailed consultation, to improve the production efficiency and means for enterprises to bring more hope, choice is not in order to improve the glue dispensing machine efficiency? The stainless steel dot glue needle is a worthy accessory.

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