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Metal glue needle

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The dispensing machine plays an important role in the production of products in the industry, the high efficiency adhesive to be done by the most intelligent dispensing equipment, dispensing equipment can be configured for dispensing metal needles work of high quality, metal needles have wide application range and durability and other characteristics, is an important parts need to be applied to the dispensing in the process of.
Suitable for a variety of metal fluid dispensing needle for dispensing both viscosity, high viscosity glue or low viscosity glue can achieve the effect of dispensing the uniform, if you need more sophisticated glue effect can choose multiple metal needles as accessories, can withstand the corrosive effect with some glue dispensing, to ensure the long time the integrity of the metal needles, suitable for long time application of alignment of the high demand for work in the dispensing dispensing, dispensing needle size between 12G-30G, the greater the number of specifications on behalf of its smaller structural glue with higher precision, the filling effect of dispensing small products with more accurate highlights.
Use to maximize its use value of metal dispensing needle used in high demand in the pipeline, dispensing link high demand means uninterrupted work for a long time use of dispensing equipment and accessories of the burden of work is large, and the metal needles can be a long time to use work stably in the high demand in the industry, metal needles high precision can be filled for dispensing small products accurately, the effect of coating glue is more stable and accurate, used in bonding, packaging, filling and other links to further enhance the effect of dispensing products.
The stainless steel dispensing needle is one of the metal dispensing needles, which has higher service life and working effect, and can be applied to the dispensing production in various industries.
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