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How to use plastic needles correctly

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When using dispensers, we will use all kinds of dispensing needles. The cheapest material in these dispensing needles is plastic, because the material of plastic makes it produce much less glue than ordinary metal needles. And because the price is cheaper, it does not need to be used many times during the dispensing process, which also reduces the risk of plugging. What details should be paid attention to in the application of the plastic needles in the dispensing operation?
Plastic needles
When we use plastic dispensing needles, we must pay attention to its dispensing specifications. The general size of dispensing needles is very small, so that we can improve the density of dispensing. Its general specifications are between 14G and 35G, of course, the size of the needle specifications can be customized according to the needs.
When plastic dispensing needles are not good enough for dispensing, most of the cases are using the smallest plastic dispensing needles, because such needles can make themselves produce glue dispensing products with the highest degree of precision. However, this small aperture plastic adhesive head has a drawback, that is, the caliber is too small for the syringe, which is easy to produce glue leakage after finishing the gel. It also makes the dispensing machine have no significant effect when using the dispensing valve for vacuum suction function. So we only need to replace it with a large plastic needling needle to solve this problem.
We should replace the needles in order to change the needles in accordance with the actual situation. First of all, we need to know the role of all kinds of glue needles. The small size of the plastic needle because it produces the small pressure of glue, easy to appear bad phenomenon, so when the glue, the use time can not be too long. Large size plastic needles, because the pressure produced by dispensing is large, makes the dot glue density not enough, so there will be no adverse reactions in the long time dispensing operation.
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