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Sell all kinds of stainless steel single tube dispensing nee

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Single-tube dispensing needle is the most widely used needle in dispensing industry. It is the best-selling needle in industrial dispensing needle. Why is single-tube needle better than soft brush needle? This is related to the dispensing accuracy of the problem, industrial dispensing needles include single-tube, double-tube, brush, oblique dispensing needles, of which single-tube needle sales best.
Single tube stainless steel needle
单管不锈钢针头 Types of single tube needles
Among stainless steel needles, single-tube dispensing needle is the best, not only many types, but also very high precision, used in precision dispensing industry, can improve dispensing accuracy of dispensing equipment, also in line with the production of the industry, the industry has tended to high-precision dispensing, so the sales of stainless steel single-tube dispensing needle It is the best, and the medium-sized can produce a single tube dispensing needle, such as 4mm needle, 2mm needle, 1cm needle, 5mm needle and so on, these are commonly used dispensing needles.
单管塑料针头 Single tube plastic needle
Single tube needle type made in China
China is a manufacturer of various types of dispensing needles. There are more than ten types of stainless steel single-tube needles. The whole industrial dispensing needles can be manufactured in China, whether it is plastic, plastic, PP material, stainless steel and so on. Therefore, China can sell various types of needles, especially 4 mm needle, the manufacturing process is relatively high, thin stainless steel is easy to be broken by the production machine, production must be very careful, so as to complete the production of stainless steel single-tube needle, and soft brush needle production technology is not very much, the production of industrial dispensing needle will be used according to different types. Different modes of production.
单管pp针头 Single tube PP needle
The production technology of needles less than 4mm is very high. Single-tube dispensing needles are generally priced with precision. The higher the precision, the higher the price. The price of 4mm needles is twice as high as that of ordinary needles. All industrial dispensing needles can be sold in China.
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