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4mm stainless steel needle with inner diameter. Which manufa

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4mm needle is a high precision dispensing needle. At present, many industries still choose dispensing needle to control dispensing precision. Although there is spray dispensing technology in the market, many industries do not need to use this technology. Like manual dispensing, the better the technology, the higher the production cost.
Stainless steel dispensing needle
Manufacturing process of high precision dispensing needles
Stainless steel needle production process is more complicated, and the need for better cutting technology, in order to be able to produce superior stainless steel needles, single-tube dispensing needle manufacturing is still relatively simple, if it is double-ended or a variety of 4mm needles more difficult, so many manufacturers are unable to produce, or in the middle Shang, the purchase of precision dispensing needles can be made in China.
精钢针头 Fine steel needle
China made automation equipment Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Zhongzhi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer of dispensing equipment. It can manufacture dispensing machine, dispensing valve, dispensing needle, dispensing needle barrel and so on. It is manufactured by its own manufacturer. It can reduce the price of the middleman here, and the quantity is large, the price can be negotiated, and it also includes metal. Needle proofreading methods, and various sizes of needles such as 2mm needles, 4mm needles, 6mm needles, etc., are sold.
Manual dispensing valve
手动点胶阀 Manufacturing method of metal needle
Metal needle alignment method is not so simple, need to combine dispensing machine and controller to complete the final needle alignment, single-tube dispensing needle alignment is relatively easy, and double or multi-head metal needle alignment is more difficult, but there are still some methods, manufacturers for the use of needles is special Otherwise, what industries can be used, 4mm needles belong to high-precision needles, can be used in the electronics industry or mobile phone industry, and the use of glue can not be too thick.
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