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Purchasing green plastic dispenser, choose the advantage of

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  The green dispensing cylinder is made of special plastic material. It can be dispensing with UV glue. The green dispensing cylinder can avoid UV irradiation, UV curing in dispensing process, causing plugging problems. There are many manufacturers selling green rubber cartridges in the market. If you want to purchase green rubber cartridges, you can choose Zhongcheng Automation Co., Ltd.
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  The advantages of Zhongcheng green rubber cylinder

  There are many advantages of Zhongcheng green dispenser in purchasing, such as: affordable price, diversified models for customers to choose, good quality of dispenser, not easy to wear and tear and so on. Zhongcheng green dispenser can be matched with most dispensing needles, and there are many kinds of glue suitable for dispensing. Zhongcheng produces many types of green dispenser, such as: green UV dispenser, green silica gel dispenser, and so on. Green UV dispenser has a good role in preventing ultraviolet light, in dispensing products can avoid UV curing rubber tube plug and other production problems.
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  Introduction of Zhongcheng green rubber cylinder

  The green rubber cartridge made by Zhongcheng is embedded. When installing the green UV rubber cartridge, the rubber cartridge is well fastened in the dispensing valve or adapter interface. Because the green rubber cartridge is selected according to the size of the interface, it is very difficult to produce a series of gas leaks and so on when dispensing the product. These problems can avoid the leakage of UV glue solidification, resulting in the plugging problem of the rubber cylinder, affecting the normal glue production of green rubber cylinder. If the glue in the UV cartridge solidifies, it will be more troublesome to deal with and need to be replaced. In order to avoid this kind of problem, the green cartridge made by Zhongcheng has a certain effect of high temperature resistance and will not melt during heating.
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  If the user wants to purchase green rubber cartridge, it is suggested to choose Zhongcheng automatic production, choose Zhongcheng green rubber cartridge work advantage more, when glue curing in UV rubber cartridge plugging needle, can be solved by heater treatment, can save the cost of using rubber cartridge.
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