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Instructions for glue application of hard brush needle

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  There is a big difference between the hard brush needle and other multi-tube dispensing needles. The bottom of this industrial dispensing needle is made of a hard brush instead of a common metal needle. The main work is to coat the needle. The effect of product coating is also very good.
Hard brush needle

  The way of dispensing the hard brush needle

  Customers who have just come into contact with the industrial dispensing needle may have this question:'How does this needle glue out to complete the gluing process? In fact, the hard brush needle glue way and ordinary single-tube glue out of the needle is a method, are through the dispensing valve glue water into the hard brush needle, the product to complete the dispensing production. Brush dispensing needle can be divided into two main types, one is a hard brush and the other is a soft brush, soft brush is better, the area of glue is larger; and the hard brush needle on the amount of glue is larger, the scope of glue and relatively small, the use of this industrial dispensing needle on the product glue can solve the problem of wire drawing, glue breakage, glue output quantity. Uniform and other problems in the dispensing process can effectively improve the efficiency of product production. Do you need to clean the needle when the hard brush needle is used?
Hard brush needle

  Do you need to wash the brush needles after use?

  Hard brush needle belongs to dispensing consumables, can only be used as a one-time, when this industrial dispensing needle in the dispensing process, should stop for a long time without dispensing, then the glue in the brush will solidify, and the use of dispensing machine to dispensing products, because this industrial dispensing needle glue solidification and affect normal When the glue in the hard brush needle solidifies, it is not feasible to use a single-tube dispensing needle cleaning method, and the needle cleaning is more troublesome, so when the hard brush needle is used, it can only be replaced.
Hard brush needle
  In the process of use, the hard brush needle can not avoid the problem of glue solidification clogging. This industrial dispensing needle is not suitable for a wide range of glue, the use of glue is slow solidification speed, can avoid the glue solidification clogging problem.
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