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PP flexible needle for high precision dispensing function

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  PP flexible dispensing needle is a type of commonly used dispensing needle, plastic as the main material, the needle interior is made of Teflon material, in the process of dispensing products, by assembling this kind of PP flexible dispensing needle can avoid the glue sticking in the needle solidification phenomenon, to ensure the normal operation of dispensing machine.
PP flexible needle

  PP flexible needle application advantages

  The flexibility of PP flexible needle is one of the best types of plastic needle. When dispensing products in dispensing machine, it will not be like stainless steel curved needle, because the dispensing distance is set incorrectly, resulting in the appearance of scratched products problems. This type of dispensing needle has a good corrosion resistance, can be applied to a variety of glue, for fast-drying glue, UV glue and other special glue can be used, but in the use of UV glue process, the best choice of amber platinum or black dispensing needle for dispensing production.
flexible needle

  For single use only.

  This type of dispensing needle is made of plastic material, the use of time is not long, after the use of one time, or in the use process of glue curing clogging and other production problems, can not continue to use, can only be replaced. Compared with stainless steel curved-angle needles, stainless steel dispensing needles will have more production advantages, stainless steel curved-angle needles can be used for a long time, when the glue in the needles solidified can also be treated by heaters, so the service life of stainless steel curved-angle needles will be relatively long. So PP flexible needles in the dispensing industry is called dispensing consumables, the price is relatively cheap.
PP flexible needle
  Although PP flexible needle is called dispensing consumables in dispensing industry, high precision dispensing can be achieved in dispensing machine assembly.
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