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Sell all kinds of materials made of circular dispensing syri

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  Circular dispensing needle barrel and commonly used needle barrel is not much different, there are many kinds of circular dispensing needle barrel in the dispensing market, different types, materials made of dispensing needle barrel use and application of glue range is also different, such as: UV glue can be quickly cured under UV light can choose amber, black needle barrel application; If the product is to be dripped with high temperature glue, the metal silicone sleeve can be selected and has good heat resistance.
Circular dispensing syringe

  Circular dispensing syringe manufacturers

  There are many factories producing circular dispensing syringes in China. Here we introduce a circular dispensing syringe manufacturer, China Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. which can sell all kinds of materials. The produced circular dispensing needle barrel and metal silica gel sleeve have the absolute superiority in quality and practicability. The use of metal silica gel sleeve can ensure the quality of glue storage and production, and ensure the normal dispensing work.
Circular dispensing syringe

  Silicone rubber dispensing sleeve made of metal material

  There are also many circular dispensing needle barrels made of stainless steel and metal. Among them, the metal silicon sleeve is one of them. This circular dispensing needle barrel has a very good high temperature resistance. When the product drips high temperature glue, by using this metal silicon sleeve, the glue storage quality can be guaranteed. And nature. The circular dispensing needle barrel can also be used with heater when working, avoiding the glue solidification problem during the use of glue, affecting the normal operation of the equipment.
Metal silicon sleeve
  When purchasing circular dispensing needle barrels, the selection of Chinese-made automation can also carry out non-standard customization according to customer production needs, and it has great advantages in quality and practicality.
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