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Spiral pin with super fixed effect

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  Spiral needles are usually made of plastic materials, and can be used in the installation of needle adapters to improve the fixing effect, while plastic dispensing needles in the dispensing industry is a dispensing consumables, after the use of a basic need to be replaced, to avoid new glue and residual glue in the needle contact occurs Chemical reaction affects the effect of glue transportation.
Spiral pin

  Introduction of spiral pin

  The screw head is produced by thread technology at the interface of the screw head. It has super fixing effect whether it is assembled in the needle converter or in the dispensing needle barrel. But this needle belongs to one of the plastic dispensing needles. When the glue in the screw head solidifies, it can be replaced directly. Why plastic needles are known as one of the reasons for dispensing consumables? Tungsten needle is to assemble the needle on the spiral needle, and the use of tungsten needle can play a role in controlling the amount of glue out, configured in this plastic dispensing needle tungsten needle, but also with a longer Teflon material needle tube, to avoid the use of the process of scratching products.
Spiral pin

  With strong fixed effect.

  Needle adapter is used in some production links. One end of the needle adapter is threaded. It can be connected with the spiral port dispensing needle to improve the fixing effect. The use of tungsten needles has also been introduced in the front, the main role is anti-scratch product appearance, which is one of the greatest advantages of plastic dispensing needles. Spiral needle has a super fixed effect, but it is also a dispensing consumable, in terms of price is relatively low.
Spiral pin
  Spiral needle is a kind of plastic dispensing needle, the cost is relatively low, but the installation of fixed effect is very good.
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