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Using needle converter can enhance dispensing accuracy.

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  The needle converter connects the dispensing needle with the dispensing valve. The dispensing precision of the equipment can be improved by the needle converter. There are many kinds of dispensing needles that can be matched by this converter, including the plastic dispensing needle, which is manufactured by thread technology at the interface of some types of needle converter, with the aim of improving the dispensing accuracy of the equipment. It is necessary to enhance the installation and fixing effect and prevent production problems from affecting the quality of products.
Needle converter

  Assembly of needle converters can enhance dispensing accuracy.

  Assembly of needle converter in dispensing valve and dispensing needle barrel can not only improve the fixing effect of the needle, but also improve the dispensing precision in dispensing equipment, and avoid the deviation in the work affecting the product dispensing effect. As mentioned earlier, some of the needle converter interfaces are made by thread technology. If plastic dispensing needles are to be installed, they can be fixed by spiral needles. This plastic dispensing needle has a wide range of applications. It can be used to produce red glue, vacuum glue, UV glue and other simultaneous glue. .
Needle converter

  Installation of dispensing needle converter is simple.

  The installation and use of dispensing needle converter is relatively simple, before use, choose a suitable plastic dispensing needle installation, make sure that the needle converter fixed effect is good, in the converter installed in dispensing valve or dispensing needle barrel. Spiral needle can be used in the process of product dispensing. This plastic dispensing needle can avoid solidification and blockage of glue in the needle tube. It can also prevent the appearance of needle scratch products and ensure the quality of product dispensing glue production. The needle converter is suitable for many kinds of glue. It can not only use vacuum glue in dispensing process, but also use special glue such as non-shadow glue and instant dry glue.
Needle converter
  In the process of using vacuum glue or dispensing product red glue, the use of needle converter can improve the dispensing precision of strengthening dispensing equipment.
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